Well, this was weird.  I think if I had made this before my experiments with the Peter Fonda’s “Easy Rider Smoothie”

and his sister Jane Fonda’s Smoothie

I might have thought this was groovy.  BUT, I am now used to protein drinks that effectively are the texture and volume of a huge McDonald’s milkshake.

Liz’s protein drink was very thin, and only half the amount of the greedy guts BIG BREAKFAST SLURPS I am used to thanks to Jane and Peter.

The recipe is in Elizabeth’s brilliant book, Elizabeth Takes Off.  Look how little her drinkie is!

and although there wasn’t much of it, I did like the malty taste and I think I will experiment sometime with boosting Liz’s recipe up with a frozen banana.  Will report back.

Liz said she often replaced a meal with one of these when she was on set.  Cheers Liz!

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