Ooh, I do love a diet plan.  Where it is all laid out in black and white what you should have for your breakfast, lunch and tea.  But it’s not easy to follow many days in a row when you are a girl about town and have a job to go to that takes you far away from your kitchen stove.

I had a day at home to myself recently and I thought AHA, let’s have a go at following a day of Liz’s diet.  So I have started at day 1 and will continue next time I am home alone all day (it may be some time).  I see from a little trawl around the blog that I did Day 7 of Liz’s diet back in 2016 so I’ve only got 12 more days to do, hurrah!

Here’s Liz’s menu for Day One.

and here is how it went down at Silver Screen Suppers Towers.

Breakfast reminded me of the lovely week I spent on writing retreat at Sid & Kate’s house where I had Elizabeth Taylor style breakfasts for 6 days in a row…  I had totally forgotten that I actually really like having fruit for breakfast.  This may become more of a regular occurrence.

Please note calcium tablet and my LIVING MY LIFE LIKE JANE FONDA mug.  I’m gonna ask Mr R if he would consider getting me a LIVING MY LIFE LIKE LIZ TAYLOR mug for my next birthday.

I’ve never grilled a chicken breast before, it was a nice texture, almost like a poached chicken breast.  The artichoke salad was nice too and a good way of using up the rest of the can after my Diana Dors’ Artichoke Bean Bowl.  That’s a double whammy diet duo to remember…

I chose the tartare sauce dip because I LOVE TARTARE SAUCE and this didn’t disappoint.  I liked the colours while I was making it,

and could have eaten the whole bowl, but Liz said one and a half tablespoons so that’s what I had.

Dinner was a little bit modified as I couldn’t get swordfish so had tuna, and I’d forgotten to get dill.  The tuna was nice and lemony!  Brussels were the only veg I had so I steamed those and had a tiny bit of rice and some grilled cherry tomatoes.

I must say that this was a very satisfying day of food.  Liz doesn’t believe in going hungry – she says so in her excellent diet book which I highly recommend…

Of all the food on Day 1, I think the dip was the most interesting thing on the menu so here’s the recipe for that.  If you’d like the recipes for the artichoke salad or the grilled swordfish just drop me a line via the Contact Page and I’ll send them over.

Liz is very honest about her weight gains and losses in her book.  There’s a great part where she tells the story of how Debbie Reynolds kept a photo of tubby Liz on her fridge to stop her bingeing.  Liz decided that if it worked for Debbie, it might work for her, so she stuck this picture of herself on the fridge…

She writes, “If you think a picture of me as Miss Lard will inspire you, go ahead and put it on your refrigerator, I have no objection.”  Thanks Liz, I am printing it out right now…

But lest we forget…

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