Fish are BIG when they are fresh out of the sea.  We bought a grey mullet from the Company Store

and the nice man there filleted it for us so I could fashion it into Errol’s unusual fish dish.  Look at the SIZE of it!

It was absolutely delicious but we couldn’t eat it all.  I was tempted to buy another whole fish to take home with me on the train to London but was worried it would start humming by the time we get back to Liverpool Street.  I definitely want to go back to Mersea Island soon.  When can I go, when, when when….??????  Here’s the cooked version – weird but I like it.

Maybe we’ll go to Mersea Island again I’ll plan a whole week of fish dishes.  Until then I have 8 quinces to do something with, bought from a roadside box near Monkey Beach.

I’m certain if Errol went to Mersea he’d take advantage of the sailing opportunities.  We went on a really fun little boat trip for 20 minutes that cost us £2 each.  I’m sure Errol would love the all day fishing expeditions offered by Lady Grace.  I bet he would fill the boat up with beer and hook himself some lunch.  Mm.  Fish.  It really is the very best foodstuff isn’t it? Maybe next time I go I will try and hook myself a big one and then cook it up when I get back to the cottage.  That would be Errol’s style – definitely.

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