errol flynn
“The public has always expected me to be a playboy, and a decent chap
never lets his public down.”
I am beginning to think that Errol was quite a cook. His Leg of Lamb absolutely rocked. It was the cup of coffee with cream and sugar for basting that intrigued my supper guests. Ginger’s beau said he could taste it in the crispy skin and the copyright busting addition of a third of a bottle of wine to the coffee infused gravy was an inspired touch by Cary. MMMM. I could eat another leg right now.
It is the dawn of a new year. How exciting. Many resolutions have been made involving a ukulele, a swimming pool, oily fish and nightclubs. The biggest resolution of course relates to men. For Rosalind insists we call these fellows men now not boys. The bottom line is this – no involvement in 2008 with men that make me cry. And I mean it!

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