I have just had an almost perfect weekend. Much hilarity at the World’s Biggest Blind Date attempt as mobile phone technology failed to match up to the task of 600 singletons attempting to find their assigned date in a ram jammed bar offering free drinks. Bizarrely I ended up with an ex – the Pocket Rockabilly – having a drink in the calm of the ICA rather than joining the after event scrum at the chavtastic “Rubyblue” nightspot.

On Saturday the chaw-bacon was charm itself. He’d arranged a romantic 1950s style date at a bowling alley Saturday afternoon. I fell over rather gracefully on my first throw – but I was already on my second cocktail at that point. Later on we watched the sun go down over Primrose Hill accompanied by 78s on a wind-up portable gramophone. Bliss. Lovely lie in on Sunday morning with aforementioned chaw-bacon and The Archers, a big hairy steak for lunch then a re-run of Evelyn Brent’s spaghetti for 7 chums after fireworks on the roof with an awesome view across London. I love my life!

The blog may be lying fallow for a while as I am off to New Zealand for a few weeks. I hope that Ruth might get her pinny on Texas-side but I know she is busy…

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