Are these REALLY the star’s own recipes?

In most cases I would say yes.  Either:

  • something they liked to cook themselves (Joan Crawford and Marlene Dietrich loved to cook for example)
  • a signature dish by their husband/wife/mother/father/personal chef
  • or something they liked to order at a particular Hollywood eaterie

When a star mentions the recipe comes courtesy of a third party I will mention it in the blog.  Here’s Gary Cooper with his mum, nobody makes Buttermilk Griddle Cakes like his mum…

Sometimes I’m sure that the studios would dish out a recipe allowing a commercial company to put a star’s name to it for publicity purposes.  I have cookbooks for a fridge manufacturer and a cooking stove company and several others for products that feature film stars and their favourite recipes. Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t…

Sometimes I think that unscrupulous cookbook compilers were gung-ho about making it look as though a recipe with a star’s face attached was their own, but I try to avoid these ones.  I’m thinking here particularly of the “Food and Fashions” series of the mid-1930s. 

On the whole, the recipes I try are ones that I believe have been furnished by the star as one of their favourite things to eat.

Where are the recipes?

When I started the blog way back in May 2006 I didn’t think anyone would read it apart from the friends I invited round to try out the recipes.  Food blogs have proliferated since then and now I realise that people who read the blog might want to try the recipes so I am endeavouring to put up recipes when I can.  Main reasons for a blog post not having a recipe?

  • TIME – most of the recipes are American and measurements are in cups.  Most of my blog readers are in the UK and we use pounds and ounces or grams.  If I post a recipe, I want to do the translation work for my readers so they don’t have to do this themselves.  Recipes (particularly from the 1930s and before) are often quite vague without specific oven temperatures or time to bake so I like to add these in for my readers.  Re-writing recipes does take time and I want to make sure they are correct before I post them.  I am not a full time foodie or writer, I squeeze this project in where I can around other commitments.
  • FAILS – if I don’t think a recipe quite works or isn’t very nice, I won’t post it.  I wouldn’t want my readers to be disappointed by trying something that I don’t think is up to par.  I’m always happy to send the recipe out though, if a reader particularly wants to try it for themselves.
  • BOOK – recipes that are destined for the book won’t always be published on the blog as I am tinkering with them.  I’m always happy to email them to you though – especially if you are willing to report back.  Offers to test cook recipes that will feature in the book are always welcome as I want to be 100% sure that these recipes work perfectly.
  • REPEATS – when I have made a dish before I will try and link back to the post where the recipe exists if possible.  It’s going to take me a while to cross reference all the recipes but I’ll get there in the end.
  • FEATURED RECIPES – the recipe of the month is only viewable on the website for one month. I’m going to start posting these in the blog too though when I have time.

Can you send me a particular recipe?

Yes, I’d be happy to.  Just drop me an email via the contact page.  Please bear in mind that – like most people in this modern age – I am drowning in emails most days so may take a while to get back to you.

What happened to the Silver Screen Suppers shop?

It still exists and you can peruse the shelves here…  SHOP  Prices are in dollars but will be converted to other currencies when you pop them in your shopping basket. 

I have totally forgotten my login and password so will never be able to claim back any monies due to me but hey ho, the aprons and mugs are nice!

When is the Silver Screen Suppers Book coming out?

Your guess is as good as mine, but I am working on it and you’ll be the first to know if you sign up to the newsletter!  Please pop your email address in the box below for the monthly mailout.

Any questions not answered by the above please do email via the contact page.

Jenny x


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