This is a super easy and super tasty tart,

with a no-fuss, no-roll just-squidge-it-in cheesy pastry. YUM.

And it’s not just me that thinks it is good, the judge of the Muswell Hill and District Horticultural Society Summer Show cookery classes gave it a first!

Mr Rathbone loved this and even though I am not mad about mushrooms, I really enjoyed it too. Despite looking like a mushroom tart, it has a SECRET HIDDEN SPINACH LAYER to surprise your guests with!

I would recommend blanching the spinach quite a while before you are going to need it, that way you can leave it to drain while you are doing something else. Then, when it is cool enough you can have fun SQUEEZING all of the liquid out of it.

Not sure how much a bunch of fresh spinach would weigh where France buys or picks hers. I used 460g which looked like loads, but wilted down to what seemed to me about the right amount.

Highly recommended, thanks France!

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