“The two films I did with Billy Wilder, ‘Double Indemnity’ and the ‘The Apartment’ are the only two parts I did in my entire career that required any acting.”
Isn’t Fred handsome?
The Summit has begun. I am in Delaware (“Small Wonder”) with America’s Sweetheart of Song and we are up and running. Kicking off the session with a wonderful dinner with her parents and a major new discovery. Ruthie’s pa opened the wine list and the very first item that caught his eye was a MacMurray red. WHO KNEW that Fred MacMurray had his own vineyard? Not us! But we do now and a delicious fruity number it has produced too. We’ll be seeking that one out again to accompany one of the many EGG dishes we have from the kitchen of Mr MacMurray
It is the first night of the cooking marathon and Marlene Dietrich’s “Lamb Chops en Cassorole” are slowly cooking away in the awesome Frick Family Kitchen in Bethanay Beach. Ruth is tearing her hair out as she attempts to bash out the list of our top 50 stars/recipes. There has been much cussing. We have whittled down the list to one hundred and now the battle begins.
Luckily we have a KEG of beer to get us through the battle after we have finished the JUG of Pomegranate Gimlet. Bring it on.

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