“Suppose I bust out crying and put my head on your shoulder.”

I’d give you a cuddle Fred.

It is the first post using my swanky new MacBook computer. I was seduced by the marketing campaigns but it sure is perty.

In advance of the MS Cake Break Day I made one of Fred’s chocolate cakes for the girls. Luckily two hungry men turned up out of the blue to assist in its consumption because it was a great big lump of seriously heavy duty chocolate cake. I was most impressed by the way it turned out as it involved a weird process involving pouring cups of boiling water over the mixture. Bizzare but it worked.

Larry and Bogart sat on the sofa and chuckled away to themselves at the ways of the ladies in the Tri-Delta Sorority House. It seems to give them endless amusement and they made us laugh very loudly with their impressions and gags. There was much SHUSHING done when it was feared that an impression of Mr Pizzeria and his wife might be heard through the walls by them themselves next door.

Larry proclaimed of the cake, “Very ding dong!”

I shall make another today.

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