Love the quizzical look Fred!  Also love your cake, which is baking as I write, filling my kitchen with a delicious chocolate aroma good enough to eat.  YUM.  It’s for my boss’s birthday tomorrow – this has got to be better than taking him an apple right?

I’m on a new regime – attempting to test cook two recipes a week – it doesn’t sound like a lot but with my current crazy social life it isn’t easy.  At least my chum has left the Big Brother house so I don’t have to be glued to that any more.  Thank goodness there is no TV in the Palace of Solitude, I really am a sucker for reality TV.

I’m home for a few days before going back to the cat sit on Friday.  Am planning a Ronald Coleman steak and potato pie for the weekend so I’ll have to get my little black book out to see which carnivorous man I’ll invite over to partake.  Needs to be one with a big appetite – it’s a big ol’ Desperate Dan style pie….

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