I am in Ameriki! How fabulous. I am here with my sister of the skillet in La La Land after a riotous time at the Madonna Inn. The biggest jaw dropping moment was when we were having a Hollywood Martini in the bar and an elderly lady in a bright red pant suit was getting ready to give a show. Rosalind said, “That looks like Carol Channing” and what do you know, it was. She was giving a private show for Phyllis Madonna and we got to watch! Lots of fantastic moments including a superb impersonation of Sophie Tucker (“I not only lost the dice, I lost the stick man who went in after them”) and some rather raunchy dancing for a lady who is 87 years of age. Ruthie and I went up for a chat when the show was over and had our photo taken with Carol. When we told her we were Film Archivists she told us a very bawdy story about Tallulah Bankhead. RASPBERRIES.

Today we are recovering from a night drinking Blood & Sand cocktails at the Dresden Rooms and a karaoke session at a crazy Thai bar called “Smog Cutter”. Don’t ask me what that means because I don’t know. I gave a rendition of Joan Jett’s “I Love Rock and Roll” with gusto. Our handsome host did some fast moves with the valet parking and before we knew it we were high in the Hollywood Hills with the most amazing view of the Hollywood sign. Ruthie’s new beau (ha ha) recommended a diner called Fred 62 and lo and behold, on the menu was a Fred MacMurray Egg Burger. I had it – natch. I will have to find the entry that relates to the version Ruth made way back when in Delaware…

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