“Strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet” the saying goes and it is so lovely that people neither Ruthie nor I have ever met are rustling up Silver Screen Suppers dishes in kitchens all over the world. So a big thankyou goes out to Shirley in Wisconsin for testing and devouring Fred’s Chocolate Cake.

This recipe certainly holds a few surprises the first time it is made and I love the fact that Shirley said, “the cake unexpectedly rested on a sea of fudge” – doesn’t that just make you want to try it immediately?! It definitely is a gooey, chocolatefest of the highest order so be prepared to make a mess if you have a go at this one! Shirley took some pix of the process which you can see on her fab blog here:

I also love the fact that Shirley felt a swell of state pride as she whipped up the cake, as Fred hails from her in-laws’ hometown of Beaverdam, Wisconsin.

Wonderful! Don’t forget that you can always have a bottle of Fred MacMurray wine to go with your cake – still being produced at his former vineyard in California – – yum!

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