Ooh what a rotten photo!  The Recipe of the Month is UP – and it is easy, peasy, goooooooeeeeey and yummy.  You make the cake mixture and then pour boiling water over the top and when you take it out of the oven and turn it upside down there is a ready made chocolate fudge topping.  Genius.  Even Hatty Ashdown could make this!

There were lots of oohs and ahs from my charge when I took it out of the oven, turned it upside down and took pause before the reveal.  He announced it to be “bloody good”.

The newsletter went out yesterday and my first response was from the lovely Susan Dirks waving the Texas pride flag at the Texas Archive of the Moving Image who says this:

Fred stole this recipe!   In Texas we call it Spindletop Cake, so named because the cake looks like a gooey mass of crude oil. (Spindletop was the oil well that launched Texas’ oil industry in the early 1900’s.)   In Mississippi, they call it Mississippi Mud Cake — I guess they only have mud, no oil, in Mississippi!

So enjoy your Spindletop Cake my lovelies – send me photos if you make one…

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