“My wife said she’d help young people, … That’s what I’d do.
Help young people,
then buy a big motor home and get out of town.”

Had a lovely time with the Panther this weekend, he was making me laugh a lot. Even when his car got towed away he kept his sense of humour. I fed him Super Cooper Griddle Cakes and the Aunt Jemima Maple Syrup provoked a wry grin.

We got to discussing the Round 2 of our relationship when I felt he was standing me up left right and centre. He denied all of this and I said, “Well I’ve got it written down… because I’m a writer”. He laughed and said, “NO, you’ve got it written down because you are a WOMAN!

Well yes of course! And indeed I am the kind of woman who enjoys, as he puts it, “donning the pinks and tottering around on high heels” and a lot of that is going on this week. I haven’t had a glass out of my hand for days.

It seems that I am also the kind of woman that SCREAMS and jumps around when a mouse runs over her foot. Ginger and I had a fun half an hour yesterday standing on chairs holding on to our skirts as a mouse called “Gordon the Love Rat” terrorised us in our own kitchen. Humane traps have been purchased…

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