gena rowlands
Gorgeous! What a babe!

This week I have had a bit of an “emotional gust”. Luckily for me, on the night it happened Paulette was still up when I walked past her house and so I went in and had a cry. She gave me a big hug, some sound advice and a bag of spinach. THAT is what friends are for!

So in my new spirit of trying to use up all the stuff in my cupboards before impending move (yes, again!) I checked the recipe spreadsheet to see what we had that included spinach and one of the store cupboard staples. And so, tonight, whilst watching amazing things being created on Masterchef I ate a very weird dinner. I guess it was OK, and I guess there’s plenty of iron in there, but I also guess I’m turning into a ravenous carnivore and could have done with a nice pork chop on the side!

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