I admit, I was worried about food poisoning when we had these on Friday.  I am a massive hoarder. This includes being a hoarder of foodstuffs.  These Kibbee had been in my freezer since June 2014 (19 months) so by rights they should have gone in the bin.  They tasted a bit tinny I have to admit, but I figured it was probably the pine nuts..


We ate them though, with a yummy accompanying broad beans and lemon sauce type thing, thanks to Mr Ottolenghi – I really love this recipe from Jerusalem.


I love just about everything from that book in fact… 

Have I told you about the new game I am playing with my cookbooks?  Since I Kondo-d them, I have made a strong resolution that I will NEVER have more cookbooks than fit on the three specified shelves (but they are big shelves).

All my movie star related cookbooks are in the kitchen, I admit, the books are two deep, not very Kondo but needs must…


I also have 2 box files of pamphlets and more flimsy ephemera relating to film stars.  Probably the first thing I would grab if (heaven forbid) there was a fire.

Then there are two shelves of non-Silver-Screen cookbooks in the bedroom (my NEW copy of the Mary and Vincent Price’s Treasury of Great Recipes is there, and the original copy is with the cookbooks in the kitchen).  I can gaze on these glory filled shelves from my bed, which I do on a regular basis.  


My new game is this.  Every time I cook something from one of these books, it gets put on the left of my “marker” books.  The marker books are Diana Henry’s A Bird in the Hand:


and The Cookery Year:


both of which I LOVE. Why are these the marker books?  I have no idea.  But this way I can easily see which books I’ve used since I came up with this scheme.  And why?  Because if new cookbooks come into the flat, old ones will have to go to make space.

Be afraid, be very afraid, all cookery books to the right of these two shelves.  I am looking at you Fanny Craddock….


Thanks Gene, next time I make a batch of your Kibbee I will eat them ALL rather than leaving them in the freezer for over a year and a half…  I’m fiddling around with this recipe for the Columbo Cookbook, if you’d like it in the meantime, just drop me a line via the Contact Page.

Gene Barry in Columbo

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