You know the phrase, “Strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet”? Well, one of the things I LOVE about having a blog is meeting people through the internet that I KNOW would be friends if they lived around the corner. One such person is Kelli Cline who lives 4,781 miles away from me in Seattle.

Kelli first got in touch with me in 2016 offering to test cook recipes for the Cooking With Columbo book. She did sterling work on Martin Landau’s Jerk Beef Steak, José Ferrer’s Eggs Ferrer with Fried Potatoes and Vincent Price’s Cioppino. When I announced the Murder, She Wrote Cookalong Kelli was one of my first volunteers. But do you want to hear something FABULOUS? Kelli threw a Murder, She Wrote Cookalong PARTY for a big bunch of friends, each of whom tested a different recipe. What a blast!

Murder, She Wrote fun chez Kelli
The Murder, She Wrote gang’s all here!

Check out this amazing spread!

Look at all that delicious movie star fodder!

David Hill made Jerry Orbach’s Tough Guys Dessert

Mandy Hill made Eileen Brennan’s Scalloped Potatoes

Jake London made Adam West’s Cast Iron Skillet Pot Roast

Cor! I would so love a big spoonful of that dish!

Antonia Blume made James Coburn’s Cheese Souffle

Stacia Beer made Gene Barry’s Green Bean Casserole

Daniel Pickford made David Birney’s Persimmon Pudding with Lemon Sauce

Kurt Bloch made Robert Vaughn’s Mushroom Stuffed Zucchini

Please send me a couple of these in the post from Seattle!
I am loving the combination of crackers Kurt used!

John Ramberg made Hoyt Axton’s Cornbread

a) YUM! b) Cleanest oven ever featured on the Silver Screen Suppers blog!

Kelli made Kim Hunter’s New Orleans Fizz

Verdict? “Oh my – is that a tasty drink…!”

and here’s Kelli in her kitchen cooking up some Lucie Arnaz’ Shrimp and Yellow Rice. I LOVE THOSE PATCHWORK KITCHEN TILES!

Here’s the finished dish

COR! Can I come to your place for dinner sometime Kelli?!

This photo Kelli sent me of preparations for the dish really piqued my interest (I am VERY nosey about what people have in their kitchens)

Is that NAPOLEON on top of a jar of spice? Yes, indeed it is. I asked Kelly about this and it turns out that she has created a few of these decoupage lids for her spices. WATCH OUT CHUMS, as soon as I saw these I wanted to make some myself, and you probably will do too!

Booker T. and the M.G.s (Green Onions) = onion powder 

Sherilyn Fenn = fennel 

Serge Gainsbourg = sage 

The Zombies (Time of the Season) = thyme 

Count von Count = garlic powder 

Napoleon (aka Rod Steiger as Napoleon) (lover of pickles) = pickling spice   


Kelli and her gaggle of lovely chums have been sending in really excellent feedback on the recipes for the forthcoming Murder, She Cooked cookbook and I am just so chuffed that they all got together and had this wonderful party to enjoy so many movie star dishes. It made me want to jump on a plane to Seattle and invite myself round for dinner. Haha!

There will be more Murder, She Wrote Cookalong shenanigans to come, and there is still time to choose a recipe to join in – just zip over here and scroll down to the bottom to see what’s still up for grabs.

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