Life is full of surprises and my American pen-pal Margie was right, Gene’s crazy sandwich is GOOD.  It is made from mashed potato and French bread and onions and mayonnaise and it tastes mighty fine.  Mmmm.

Surprise number 2 tonight was The Way We Were.  I settled down to watch it and was very surprised to find that the beginning is set in the 1940s.  I laughed the whole way through at Barbra Streisand’s anachronistic clothes, hair and make up, but she does look damn fine in it anyhow.  I thought I had seen it when it first came out but I realised about 10 minutes into it, that I was muddling it up with A Star is Born so that one is now on my wishlist.  Barbra is a real guilty pleasure…

I had a bit of a splurge on ebay last week and bought my second batch of Movie Medicine DVDs so I’m all set for Autumn hibernation.  I am taking myself off the dating scene for a bit and donning my creative chastity belt to get some writing done.  There will still be cooking though.  Got to keep my spirits up.

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