A very SNAZZY picture of George that I didn’t see yesterday when I looked…

It is very late (past midnight) and I am very drunk (2 pints and approximately 1 bottle of red) so this will be short. The Stew was a hit and Charley said, “Good staight ahead vittles” which is obviously a compliment (especially as he had seconds).

It is always lovely to see Charley and I hereby apologise publically for upsetting him in a previous blog entry, All of this blog activity is merely an aide memoire to the things I have cooked, the friends I have shared them with and the men I have loved and lost… Ha ha!

I hereby decide to focus on things like the forthcoming SWAPARAMA, the chance of doing my Pavlov’s Dog style Kaiser Chief’s dance on Friday and the fact that Elvis (the cat with a bad foot I am looking after) is lapping up the George Baxter leftovers as I type…

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