I am on holiday!  Spending my days sitting in the garden of a little bolt hole on the edge of Mersea Island watching the boats go by…


We have an adopted pet for the week: Gunwale (pronounced Gunnell):


Mr R is having a lie-in after being kept awake for hours by a noisy cock-a-doodle-do-ing cockerel.  How do these folks in the countryside block that out every morning?  I’m taking the opportunity to do a little tip tapping on the computer, which is more or less BANNED on holiday.  As someone who gets really sucked by social media, it’s good for my brain to take an enforced break.  But it’s almost impossible for me not to have some screen time, hence a quick blog post on something I’d forgotten about…  There is no way I could resist making something called Ginger Snap Dandy…


This was not a great success though.  I’ll have to fiddle around with this recipe as it is destined for the Cooking With Columbo book.  George is in two episodes of Columbo and I only have two recipes for him, so they will both have to work…

The flavour was good (mmmmm crumbled ginger biscuits) but the texture was weird, the custard didn’t really set properly (a recurring theme for me as per recent post about the Magic Cream Pie).  I think I will try making this again, halving the quantities and using full fat milk.

George’s recipe was very similar to this one found on the internet: Ginger Snap Dandy so when I’m back with my recipe books I shall compare and contrast and have another go.

If you are a fan of George’s and would like the recipe in the meantime, just email me via the Contact page.


Mr R just emerged from his slumbers and said, “That bloody cockerel was going off all night again…”

We are such townies!


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