These little cuties are recipe of the month.  They would probably have looked more festive if I had used strawberry jam rather than blackberry but I’m going to make some more next week with red jam and green dyed walnuts rather than pistaschios so they may be greener.  Newsletter should be going out tomorrow and the recipe should be on the R.O.T.M. page tomorrow too.  Too drunk to do it tonight…  I think Wreath Cookies are a North American thing, I’d never heard of them until I started stalking Caker Cooking.  When I go to Cathy & Sloman’s Christmas party I plan to take some of Gina’s Cookies and some of Caker Cooking’s Holly Cookies too…

In tribute the the Caker Cooking Bazaar-O-Rama I went to my second Christmas Bazaar on Saturday.  My chum Ben and I pored over the local papers in search of the most promising one and this one got the vote:

We liked this ad because it specified that there would be MARMALADE but also that it gave the time frame as not only Noon-2 but also 12pm-2pm.  There was much discussion about that.  It cost us £12 in a taxi to get there but the fun we had was more than worth it.

When we got there (only about 1/2 an hour after it started) all of the marmalade had gone. The very refined looking elderly lady told us the types of jam that were left and I said, “did you make any of them yourself?” and she said, “no, I’m just trying to get rid of them.”

The venue was a sheltered housing complex in Hampstead and very festive it was too.  There was a TOMBOLA:

and I was very pleased to win two of my favourite things for a £1 stake – baked beans and beer:

There was a lovely Aloe Vera fairy:

Ben bought a 45rpm – it cost 50p

I bought a purse – also 50p

and something I’ve been after since I saw one of the secretaries in Mad Men wearing a cardigan over her shoulders held on at the neck by one of these – also 50p:

I loved the sense of humour that permeated the communal area of the sheltered housing complex:

One of my favourite truisms:

And best of all, just as we were leaving:

We were a bit disappointed not to see anything hand knitted but there is always next week!

Thanks for the cookies Gina – I’m going to channel you this week as I try and get my mojo back.


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