“My love for ice cream emerged at an early age – and has never left!”
Well, I attempted Ginger’s “Coffee Parfait” last night which would have been some kind of ice cream I guess if I hadn’t made such a mess of it. I feel I was the victim of what Ruthie earlier in this project referred to as “very, very vague directions”.

The recipe said to boil some strong coffee and sugar together until “it will spin a thread” – what on earth does that mean? I had it boiling away like mad while I tried to whisk egg whites to a peak with a balloon whisk then all of a sudden it changed colour going VERY DARK and filling the kitchen with smoke. I guess I effectively burned the sugar.

I carried on making the parfait as per the recipe but think it will probably just taste like burned sugar. Also wasn’t sure if “freeze in the refrigerator” meant put it in the fridge or put it in the freezer…

Gad! Lucky for me this period of sobriety and chastity has led to a calmness of mind. Who cares if the parfait was a failure? There was nobody around to see it!

Think I need to give that one another go at some point.


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