Hello sailor!!!  I am loving Ginger tonight because unlike her Butterscotch Date Pudding, the Coffee Parfait is a resounding success.  Ginger has gone from having the worst ever Silver Screen Suppers recipe to having one of the best.  SCRUMPTIOUS!  Oh yum, yum, yum.

Mind you, I had to eat the little bit of Ida Lupino’s Lemon Mousse that was left in the freezer in order to free up room for the Parfait.  If anyone thinks I am looking a bit blousy these days, I lay the blame firmly at the feet of Ginger and Ida.  Creamy desserts.  Mmmmmmm.  How can they fail really when they contain a whole tub of whipping cream?

As I sampled the freshly made unfrozen Parfait with a big spoon my taste brain went into overdrive.  It really, really reminded me of something.  It took me a few more big spoonfuls before I got it.  Angel Delight!  But much less tangy with chemicals of course.

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