My heart nearly burst with pride when I saw the photos of three test cooks I have never met cooking up a storm one Sunday for the Silver Screen Suppers project.  Nathalie, Zsa Zsa and Esther obviously had a whole heap of fun making Rudoph’s Spaghetti and Ginger’s Parfait.  I’ve put all the pics up on the flickr site and you can see them by clicking on the link below – they are GLORIOUS!

Silver Screen Suppers Photos

The photo of Natalie dancing in the kitchen with a string of sausages makes me laugh every time I see it.  If there were ever proof of the fun to be had making these wonderful recipes there it is!

And the verdict on the dishes?  The Valentino Spaghetti Sauce was “absolutely delicious” – I second that – and I loved the fact that when the sauce looked like it was getting a little bit dry the girls decided to bung more red wine in – correct remedy!  The Ginger Parfait turned out brilliantly too (their photos made me want to get mine out of the freezer and have a scoop right now!)  I love the addition of strawberries and a sprig of mint.  Zsa Zsa summed it up: DIVINE!  I had missed a step when I transcribed the recipe but these resourceful ladies worked it out and kindly suggested how to insert the missing information into the instructions so that it made more sense.

Thank you lovely test cooks!  You have made me very happy indeed.  You names will all go into this month’s prize draw too!

If the photos inspire you to have a little cookalong of your own just email me for a list of recipes that need testing.  I am aiming to get them all “Triple Tested” just like Sainsbury’s magazine do!

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