My motto for 2019 is USE IT UP AND WEAR IT OUT.


I am going to try and have a “make do and mend” attitude about everything in my flat. Stop buying more stuff and start appreciating the stuff I already have. I started with chorizo.

I have had a string of chorizo sausages in my fridge for as long as I can remember. They are fairly indestructible but in the spirit of the new regime I decided that they would be an early adopter of the “use it up” regime. I looked at my movie star recipes spreadsheet and out of the 7,273 recipes I have listed there, this was the only one that has chorizo in the title.

Fancy that!

Luckily it is a flipping good recipe! This soupy stew was utterly delicious.

In the spirit of “use it up and wear it out” after I’d had two bowlfuls (it was so delicious, one was not enough) to the rest of the pot I added some baby spinach that was knocking around the fridge too. I now have many portions to go in the freezer for the cold, cold days that I can feel are on the way.


The recipe follows. I made a few modifications. I used one 400g tin of chickpeas and only had 280g chorizo. Also, I didn’t have any celery but I did have some carrot sticks to use up so chopped them up and bunged them in. I didn’t add the salt as I thought 1 tablespoon sounded like a lot. For my palate, this doesn’t need any extra salt. I also only used two tablespoons chili powder as I am a baby.

Despite my hesitant seasoning, it was GORGEOUS.

Man, I am going to love finding a brick of this in the freezer on a snowy day in the near future.

Oh, just remembered, I had a half a bottle of red wine left over from a dinner party so I replaced some of the water with wine. Chorizo carrots, spinach and wine – all used up in a pimped up version of Glen’s dish. I am the

Of course, Glen is best known for his music, but when I looked him up on the IMDB I remembered that he was in True Grit.

I must get that on DVD and see what dish is suggested to accompany it in my True Grits cookbook!

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