Cakey, cakey, bread, bread!

When I first looked at this recipe, I thought it was going to turn out like soda bread.

It kind of did, but it was much more like a cake than bread. I liked it, but good toast it did not make.

The mixture was very batter-y

I’m beginning to realise that when American recipes say they are bread, they might be cake. Banana Bread for example. Also Zucchini Bread, and Pumpkin Bread.

BEWARE the word bread in an American recipe title all you Brits out there!

Banana BREAD vs Banana CAKE

I was testing this recipe for the forthcoming Murder, She Cooked cookbook.

It’s for a rather special episode that is particularly star-studded.

There’s June Havoc

Martha Scott

Jeffrey Lynn

Harry Morgan

and Gloria Stuart

Woweee! What a cast!

It’s a wonderful episode as there is a film within the film, Strange Bargain (1949).

With this many stars in one episode, I’ve decided to do a whole menu. Watch this space!

I have got a copy of Strange Bargain via eBay winging its way to me soon. I feel a DOUBLE BILL coming on.

Here’s Gloria’s Bread recipe should you wish to try it out.

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