gloria swanson
“Because I take care of my body,
it doesn’t look like the body of a woman of my years.

Same here Gloria, honestly!

Wow, I have had such a great reaction from work colleagues to Gloria’s cake. Admittedly it did contain over a bar of Green & Black’s Expresso Chocolate but yes, to paraphrase Mr Tibble downstairs, it was freakin awesome! I shall make another soon to test the cooking time. I made it in my fancy silicone tube pan thingy so I’ll need to test it as a plain and simple sponge cake too.

Had SUCH a lovely weekend with Ginger and Grace – our annual girls weekend Christmas shopping at the seaside. Who would have thought it, when we all decided to live together we were three single girls and now look at the pair of them! Ha ha. One is married and pregnant, the other is heading that way – tee hee! So they both gave me a good talking to about how I should give a NICE man a go for a change.

Sigh. Not sure I am wired up for a nice boyfriend, but I might give it a go…

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