gloria swanson
“I feel sure that unborn babies
pick their parents.”

Well if that is true Gloria, I have very good taste!

Today I went up to Suffolk for a surprise 80th birthday party for my lovely mum. Miraculously all 5 of us kids made it – despite the snow, plus assorted partners and a smattering of grandchildren. We had a lovely time as the wine flowed freely as did the conversation. It was just wonderful.

My plan of taking a Gloria Swanson Devil’s Food Cake AND a Rita Hayworth’s Angel’s Food Cake FAILED. I blame two things firstly, not using the right tools for the job (my soup masher just would not whip the egg whites to stiff – it got very, very hot and smelt a bit like a fairground dodgem – it may well be bust) secondly RICKY WHITTLE. Gloria’s cake stuck to the cake mould and ultimately never made it out of the kitchen because I lost track of how long it had been in the oven due to Mr Whittle’s Cha-Cha. My goodness me. Rita’s made it to Suffolk but although it looked lovely, had the texture of a brick. More testing required and a wire whisk to be bought.

Despite me feeling like a very poor cook today it ultimately didn’t matter as there was mountains of food and mountains of love so a stodgy birthday cake wasn’t really anything to worry about…

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