Just back from the wedding of the century, Grace and Douglas are now HITCHED and what a wonderful day it was!  Great to spend time with lots of the Walthamstow posse, there was much crazy dancing – especially from Cary who was doing his “Rock Lobster” moves and making me laugh.  I DJd on the gramophones for a few hours in the morning and chatted to lots of the parents’ generation about the tunes.

There was afternoon tea and my Gloria cake and Anna May Wong teacakes went down well indeed.  When I was making them in a hurry on Friday morning I realised that I didn’t have an essential ingredient – milk.  So I had a scout around for what I could use instead and decided on Avocaat. Oh yummy, yummy, yummy!

Have been pondering on what a wonderful time I had living with Grace and Ginger.  There was a lovely moment during the reception when all three of us had a big love hug.  How things have chanced since we moved in together just 3 or so years ago.  Ginger is now married with a bonny baby boy, and now Grace has tied the knot too.  When is it my turn?!

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