Have you seen that film La Grande Bouffe? It features a group of foodies getting together for a weekend of extreme eating. They eat and eat. and eat, and eat… So it was chez moi over Easter.

If I listed what we had over our 4-day lockdown at Silver Screen Suppers Towers I think quite frankly you’d be shocked, but two movie star dishes were created amongst the general hot cross bun munching and the drinking of vast amounts of fine wine and Hammerton beer. I will write about the superb Vincent Price Toad in the Hole at a later date…

But for lunch on Easter Saturday, we had kedgeree. I’d been banging on about making kedgeree for Mr R for several years and I was READY. Battenburgbelle kindly dropped off a tin of salmon so I could make this, and as I am all over the BARTERING during Covid-19 lockdown, I swapped her a jar of cocktail cherries for it. This was quite crafty of me I think, because as mentioned in a previous post, I discovered when I sorted out the vast amount of emergency fodder in my sideboard that I had not one, not two but three jars of cocktail cherries…

So what about the kedgeree? It was soooooo easy to make as Mr R had cooked extra rice for the curry we had on Good Friday and stuck it in the fridge just for this purpose. I boiled an egg. Mr R drained the salmon and Bob’s your uncle, kedgeree was created. It was delicious.

Do not be concerned if you have no idea who Godfrey Winn is.

Godfrey in The Great St. Trinian’s Train Robbery…

He’s a fairly obscure person who looms disproportionally large in my life thanks to the genius who is LAWRENCE NAPPER (he of the totally awesome blog At the Pictures). Of course Lawrence will disagree about the obscureness of Godfrey…

Student days – Lawrence, Caroline, Me, Heather – at Butlin’s Holiday Camp, Bognor Regis

Let’s just say that I will never forget the moment during our MA in Film Archiving course when the legendary Charles Barr brought his Godfrey Winn tea towel into a seminar to show us all. If ONLY there were a photograph of this insane piece of ephemera on the internet. I could offer it to Fred Karno for his Karno Museum of Stuff.

My bunny made it into The Karno Museum of Stuff

Alas, I fear the Godfrey Winn tea towel will only remain a memory for me, Lawrence and Caroline Frick. But I do have something equally as thrilling to show you.

We said that our wedding was a no cards, no presents kind of wedding. However, I can make an exception for a thing of great beauty like this. From the paper wrappings around rolls of Who Gives a Crap recycled toilet paper that he has delivered to his door, Lawrence crafted this notebook for me. I think that it’s one of the loveliest things I now own. I am, of course, far too scared to write anything in it…

I have decided to make it my COMMONPLACE BOOK. I’ve only just found out about these and it seems just the kind of thing Godfrey Winn would have had and DEFINITELY the kind of thing Lawrence would have.

Just before the recipe I wanted to share the current message on the Who Gives a Crap website. Because in a few years time, the younger generation are never going to believe there was a time in the UK when usually sensible people went completely out of our tiny little minds desperately searching the shop shelves for loo roll.

So for Lawrence and Caroline and anyone else who remembers Godfrey Winn, here’s his recipe for kedgeree. Sensible food in these crazy times.

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