Eee by gum.  Charley proclaimed this to be probably the best Silver Screen Suppers dinner so far, and as he has been the recipient of so many, that is saying something.  But even though I do say so myself, it was indeed delicious.  What I love about so many of these recipes is their simplicity.  Just good old fashioned ingredients (lamb, kidneys, potatoes, onions, dripping, water and bacon) and sloooooooow cooking = delicious, delicious, delicious dinner.

Charley got his first look at the splendour of my DVD projector.  At first he poo-poohed my weird old oversized sofa and sat on the velour chair instead.  But he soon joined me on the 2 person settee for the best view of our excellent comedy selection for the evening.  Now I seem to have aquired a proper sense of humour I asked Charley to bring a selection of funny stuff.  First we had a Laurel & Hardy short.  The one where involving a jigsaw which is pretty apt for us…  Then a 3 Stooges – ha ha. Pop Goes the Weasel!  Then the genius that is WC Fields.  I have decided that he MUST go in the Silver Screen Suppers book as I laughed so heartily at his antics and am checking the recipe spreadsheet right now…

Right, we have: Omelet Au Rum (of course), Brandied Peaches (natch) and Baked Spareribs with Sauerkraut – oh yummy.  I am SO HAPPY that some kind of switch in my head has been flipped and I find all this stuff hilarious.  I wonder what was wrong with me all those years ago when I had to go to bed halfway through a Marx Brothers movie?

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