Ee by gum!  It’s Our Gracie’s turn to host the recipe of the month cookalong.  I made her Toad in the Hole when I lived on the houseboat and remember it being rather tasty.  I’ll have another go at it this week I think.  It’s that sausagey kind of time of the year…

Budapest was just fantastic.  Rosalind and I spent almost 4 whole days wallowing in thermal pools in the nuddy, gossiping away and generally putting the world to rights.  Many resolutions were made regarding embarking upon health regimes, calling in bad debts and trying to get some romance into my life.

As if by magic we met two lovely Italian men firstly in the hotel lift in their towelling dressing gowns, then later in their skimpy trunks in the Men’s Pool (mixed bathing on Sundays).  It’s the first time I’ve been chatted up for AGES so that was a treat.  I also got to do the classic joke next day when we saw them going down to breakfast, “OOH, I didn’t regognise you with your clothes on!”  Ha ha.  Intriguingly I fancied BOTH of them.  Perhaps I am getting my mojo back?

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