There was a great conversation in the film archive where I work recently about the phrase, “lost in the mists of time.” Two of the four people in the conversation had always thought the phrase was “lost in the MIDST of time.” I guess that both phrases make sense.

I like this definition from the internet though…

“The mists of time indicates something long ago, lost in the fog as it were. Being “lost in the midst of time” would indicate you’re lost in the middle of time, which doesn’t have any clear meaning to me unless you’re a time-traveller.”

Sometimes at the moment, I feel like I AM a time-traveller. I’m living in the 1980s in Cabot Cove wearing a cosy Mary Martin jumper like Jessica Fletcher

or electric blue shiny dresses with spangles and shoulder pads like some of her co-stars. I keep seeing frocks that I want!

Anyhow, going back to the mists of time. Greg Morris’s Ob’s Chicken is lost in them. I made it a few weeks ago and didn’t make any notes (or at least none I can find at the moment) so all I can say is this. It was EASY and it was TASTY and it was QUICK. A good week-night way of getting a chicken dish together and on the table I reckon.

I had mine with black rice and some sprouts with Brussels Sprouts Dust on them (yes, this is an actual thing you can buy in a pot).

I love this stuff.

This was a test cook for the Murder, She Cooked book. There are still recipes up for grabs if you fancy joining in. Skip over here for the list.

Handsome! Why is this dish called Ob’s Chicken? Apparently Greg’s wife called him Ob which was short for “Observant.” Whether he really was observant, or whether it was a husband and wife in-joke along these lines I am not sure…

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