greta garbo
“Let’s have a martini...
I’m going to feel terribly guilty if you have tea.”

Very pleased to hear that like me, Garbo was partial to a vodka martini. I’ve been doing lots of research on her this week as my goal was to do her mini-biography this weekend and it is DONE. Next, Sonja Henie. Her little cookies were a massive hit in the office. Basil compared them to Jammy Dodgers.

It’s a while since I have made Garbo’s meatballs so here is a report from Marilyn M. that has been languishing in my inbox for a donkey’s age. As Ms Monroe is well known for burning bundles of money in her back yard I was pleased to see that she bought rump steak for this recipe and minced it. Not for her the £2.50 Tesco value pack of mince! She recommended adding some herbs for a bit of flavour (although said she wasn’t the best person to suggest which ones) and opted out of making the sauce. Lazy girl – all you do is add milk to the butter in which the meatballs have been cooked and warm it up a bit! Marilyn M. is definitely the kind of woman who needs STAFF to do this kind of thing for her.

Mind you – how did she mince the steak? Did she roll up her sleeves and put it through a mangle-like contraption? I wonder…

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