Unlike Garbo I do not want to be left alone.  I’d rather have a playmate at the moment.  There was nobody to share the meatballs last night.

I agree with another of our test cooks who thinks that dividing her meatballs mixture into 12 makes very LARGE meatballs.  I made 20 smaller ones and ate 4.  This leaves me with 16 meatballs rolling around my kitchen…

I love the fact that it is the second test cook in a row who prefers to remain anonymous.  This is because the recipe didn’t work for him at all but he didn’t want to upset Garbo by saying so.  I love it!  Nobody really wants to criticise someone else’s food (unless they are a mean food critic) especially when the cook is GARBO.  I agree with the anonymous test cook, the proportions of cornflakes (yes cornflakes) are wrong in the recipe.  That’s my fault, not Garbo’s as I’ve had to translate from cups and as I now know, “4 cups cornflakes, crushed” is not the same as “4 cups crushed cornflakes”.

Last night I did realise that the measurements were askew so I used more cornflakes.  The resultant meatballs came out OK, quite squishy and tasty.  I think there may be a copyright conundrum for this one though so we might have to go with her Swedish Salad recipe instead.  I am a bit scared of the Swedish Salad….  I think it contains ROLL MOPS.

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