When I was writing about Dragnet for the Cooking the Detectives book I found lots of reports online about a peanut butter and garlic sandwich rustled up by the Harry Morgan character.

In an episode called A.I.D. The Weekend he talks some chums through how he prepares this delicacy as follows:

“Now, my friends, we spread cream cheese on one slice of this pumpernickel. Having done that, take a clove of garlic and crush it, letting the juices fall on the cream cheese. Nice, huh? You betcha! Now, gentlemen, we are ready for the piece de la resistance… We now take the other slice of pumpernickel, the one with the peanut butter on it, and place it firmly on top of the one with the cream cheese and garlic juice. And that, my friends, is what I call a garlic nut butter sandwich. And it goes very well with beer, as you will see.”

Naturally, as I am 99% composed of peanut butter when nobody is looking, I had to try it.  DELICIOUS of course.  Here are a couple of pix.  If you like peanut butter and you like garlic, you’ll love it!


Harry Morgan fan?  Check out his stroganoff recipe

Elisha Cook Jr’s Beef Stroganoff “Black Bird” vs Harry Morgan’s Stroganoff with Vincent Price’s Pimento Rice

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