This is one of the easiest recipes destined for the book and one of the nicest too.  I really love it.  But then, sweetcorn is one of my ultimate top three super-foods.  1 = Peanut Butter.  2 = Sweetcorn.  3 = and nothing really comes close to either of those.  Maybe Heinz baked beans?  Got to be Heinz though.  I could probably survive on all of those, some bread and some butter for quite some time. 

I’m on a bit of a weird diet at the moment.  It comes to us all, especially at this time of year.  So cooking and eating is all a bit gnarly.  But because this was next on the testing schedule I made it last night with no intention of actually eating it. After all, I had a big chunk of Peri Peri chicken and some Brussels sprouts to hoover up.  I figured I’d have it at some point tomorrow.  However, when it came out of the oven it just looked so darling I had to eat half of it.  And it was of course just lovely.  Mmm. 


I’ve made this tonnes of times to Hattie’s exact recipe but this time I added some spring onions and parsley just because I had some, and also because I’m trying to use stuff up.  It was scrumptious and will definitely go in the book.  I’m also pondering if there is a way of making a vegan version of this as I had an interesting proposition yesterday from the owner of this beautiful cat, sitting on my welcome mat, for some potential magazine writing…

Thanks Hattie, I love your Sweetcorn Pudding even if I do often have to say, “it’s savoury, not sweet!” Perhaps the term pudding in the USA isn’t so associated with sweet puddings…

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