Ah, the soothing power of Gone With the Wind.  Always a tonic.  I made Hattie’s Sweetcorn Pudding from Modern Screen magazine and as always it was darn good.  Usually I make it in a shallow dish but this time I baked it in a soufflé dish and it turned out lovely and fluffy, but all the sweetcorn sunk to the bottom.  Still good though.

Oh the YANKEES are coming!  What a man that Rhett Butler is.  I want one like that.  One who will see straight into my hornet’s heart and bring me fancy green hats from Paris.  I’m going to find one too. If I have to lie, steal, cheat or kill, as God is my witness, I’m never giving up.  I’m going to be waiting for him like a SPIDER.

Thanks Hattie.  Your savoury pudding was delicious.

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