Regular readers will know that I have been a food hoarder for many years. My frozen archives are legendary amongst chums, all four of the freezer drawers are packed solid. My food cupboards ditto. In the past, I have berated myself for this bad habit, but now we’ll all be doing a lot more cooking at home, I don’t feel so bad. I could probably self-isolate until Xmas (with some toilet rolls delivered every now and then).

I am fine for dried goods as you can see…

And I think I’ll get many loaves of bread out of this lot.

My spill-over “pantry” in the sideboard is full of all kinds of weirdness… Yes, that’s right, condensed cheddar cheese soup! More about that in a later post.

The cocktail cabinet may dwindle down a bit over the next few months as I attempt to use up all those cocktail cherries on the top shelf – why THREE jars?

As well as eating through the stocks, the thing that will qualify as a bit of a “use it up and wear it out” mission in these strange times will be catching up on blog posts. I estimate that I’ll be saving at least 3 hours a day not having to get gussied up and commute backwards and forwards into work. I plan to spend some of that time getting dusty old posts out of the drafts folder and up here on the blog. Expect some weird time travel. Here’s one that’s been languishing since February 2019.

These were a big hit with the Cedar Court Three. I just love making meatballs. It is so easy, and if you are having chums round to dinner on a week-night you can make the mixture the night before so you are ready to rock and roll as soon as you get in from work. Bonzer.

NOTE – at some point you will again experience “getting in from work” and “having chums around to dinner.” I think…

Henry says his recipe serves 4-6 but I would say 4 if you are hearty eaters. We ate half of the mixture between 3 and I am sure Vic could have eaten at least 2 or 3 more of these little taste bombs.

I was a bit sad when I wrote this post as Vic was soon due to be moving out of our block of flats and going to SARF LONDON. What? Yes. So Corinna and I were destined to be the Cedar Court Two. Mind you, we squeezed in a Herbert Marshall Steak and Kidney Pie before he actually left… If I ever find the notes I scribbled on a scap of paper about it, I’ll write that up too.

I am pleased to report that despite him now living south of the river, we still see old Uncle Vic on a regular basis around these parts. I will never forget the day Corinna and I helped him clean his bachelor pad before he left.

NOTE – when you find a pair of underpants under your sofa, you might as well use them as a cleaning cloth…

But when will we three meet again with all this Covid-19 madness going on? Who knows?

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