Hollywood Cocktails and Canapes Party 3 – Juliette Compton’s Green Olive Mustard Butter Sandwiches

I liked the idea of serving a couple of different finger sandwiches at our party and this loony looking recipe caught my eye.  It’s got olives, mustard, butter, hard boiled eggs and some other stuff I can’t remember, in.  I’m not at home near my recipes so I’ll have to come back to this one when I return.  I used stuffed olives, hence the red bits…

Suffice to say, this weird combo of ingredients was DELICIOUS.  Another surprise hit.  This appeared in a few top three lists when our guests were asked to specify their favourites. 

Very dainty and unusual. Thanks Juliette!  Would you mind putting some clothes on now please?!

Fab pic of Juliette courtesy of Mothic Flights and Flutterings which I heartily recommend you visit…


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