“My agent had once told me that he was going to make me the Janet Gaynor of England – I was going to play all the sweet roles.”

I’ve been in a bit of a spin since my last entry. Just after I finished Marlene’s delicious lamb chops and was just about to find out who won Big Brother the phone rang and a bombshell was dropped. I cannot reveal all the ins and outs of it here as it is sub judice but suffice to say I am just back from the Mortimer Market Centre and most definitely, for the first time in about 2 and a half years 100% single.

Anyhow, life goes on and one has to eat. I hereby give a public vote of thanks to Paulette who, completely understanding the tizz I get myself into when cooking for more than 2 other people rustled up some of Ida’s mousse for the book group. It was, as usually totally delicious and at least I know that one recipe translated into English measurements actually works.

Much industry on the book proposal and sorting out my love life and not enough time cooking. Still, Joan Blondell’s French Onion Soup is on the cards for tonight. Tres bien.

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