ida lupino
“Keeping a feminine approach is vital –
men hate bossy females.”

I’m taking a break from the unpackathon to watch Strictly and report on the gorgeous Jessica’s experience of Ida’s mousse. I’ve spent more or less all day doing the lock-up rock-up and scrabbling around in bags and boxes. Unrolling newspaper wrapped mystery items has brought exclamations of great joy when things I have totally forgotten about (my Japanese owl mugs for example) emerge like rubies in the dust.

Jessica’s verdict on the mousse? “It was awesome and all my housies loved it”. Fabulous. Love the idea of these dishes being shared with loved ones – the way it should be. I have taken on board Jessica’s comment about maybe specifying a shorter freezing time. A perfect excuse for me to rustle up another batch and scoff it spinster style straight out of the tupperware with a soup spoon. Just testing you understand…

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