ida lupino
FROCK! And big powder puffs to lean on. And a gasper on the go… Loverleeeeeeeeee.

Ida’s Mousse is setting in the freezer for Friday – the ladies are coming over for dinner and I’ve been slaving away to get things pre-prepared. That Lemon Mousse is every dieter’s downfall. I’ve had to curb my enthusiasm for ladling it into my mouth as I try to get it in the tupperware. It is, without a doubt, my favourite of all the SSS recipes. I LOVE IT.

I wonder if there is some connection with contented singledom. Like Proust and his madeleines there is something about the mousse that takes me back in time. To living at Rita’s place after the end of everything with the Chaw-bacon, when I was beginning to get over it all…. Weird.

I forgot to mention that there was a fabulous moment in Grey Gardens last night that caused Rosalind and I to simultaneously grab each other and cackle like witches. Little Edie got on the weighing scales in her swimsuit and then had to grapple for the string around her neck that was attached to her binoculars so she could see the truth. Ha ha! We both intend getting magnifying glasses and miniature binoculars so we don’t have to wear our spectacles. For weigh-ins or for anything else.

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