It’s the last of my posts about the cocktails and canapes party – phew!  I feel a bit sad and have the song “The Party’s Over” going around in my head…  No need to be sad, it was FAB and there will be another…

Nathalie made some Gingerbread Men to Jackie Cooper’s recipe.  There was some confusion between Jackie Cooper and Jackie Coogan (according to Wikipedia this is normal) – this is why one of the gingerbread men looked like Charlie Chaplin.

When I woke up on the morning after the party I was very most disgruntled when I realised I hadn’t had one of these, and there were none left over.  Later in the day I remembered that whilst scribbling down notes about all the cocktails and canapes in the lovely book notebook Cathy gave me for Christmas

I had drunkenly decided to use a gingerbread man as a bookmark…

Ha ha!  Great joy!  He was lovely and soft and squidgy.

After most of the guests had gone, Ringo came for a visit and really made us laugh as he tried his very best to get hold of some leftovers….

He’s gazing at the spread on the table here.  We didn’t let him have anything, but if his nose is anything to go by, the thing he was most interested in was Dorothy Wilson’s New Chicken Salad.  I hereby proclaim this to have been the canape that got the most votes on the night.  And for me, the winner in the cocktail stakes was the Vincent Price New Fashioned:

It was a lovely, lovely party and I thank all our guests for their incisive insights into which canapes were best (“Soldier, Soldier, Fire!”) and for entertaining us with their antics (Alvin Stardust’s mike handling techniques amongst other things…).  When can we have another?!

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