The dish was much enjoyed by Ian and his family in Lancashire and he gives due credit to his fellow cooks, saying that although it was his idea to join in with the Columbo test cooking, it was actually his wife Gill and his three teenagers that actually made the dish…
Love this action pic!
 Camera shy?
Ian reports the following: “We shared it as a family of 5. We were a little skeptical of curried egg and pasta but were very pleasantly surprised. Turned out to be a tasty winter warmer that we’ll certainly try again. Five clean plates!”
Well that is a definite YES for a recipe to go in the Cooking With Columbo Cookbook in my opinion!
Thanks so much Ian and family for giving this recipe a go, I am so glad you had fun cooking it together and eating it together.  I absolutely loved getting your report and pix!
Awww, lovely!
There will be more test cook reports coming soon and there is still time to volunteer – the more the merrier!  Just skip over here to choose a recipe.   I’ve extended the cooking deadline until the end of September…

 Jackie Cooper’s Curried Eggs and Macaroni

1/2 lb / 225g macaroni

4 tablespoons butter

4 tablespoons flour

1/2 to 1 tablespoon curry powder

1/2 teaspoon salt

2 cups  / 475 ml milk

6 hard-boiled eggs

Buttered bread crumbs

Bring a pan of water to boil, salt and place macaroni in and let cook until tender, drain and wash under hot water until all the starch is removed. 

Next make a cream sauce – first melt butter and add flour, curry powder, salt and milk – cook until thickened and add to the macaroni.

Place macaroni in baking dish, alternating layers of macaroni with layers of hard boiled eggs, ending with the macaroni on top.  Sprinkle with buttered bread crumbs and brown under the broiler / grill.


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