In my December column for the lovely Eat Drink Films, I get to find out from the lovely Greg Swenson how he went about writing the brilliant Recipe for Rebels cookbook.

Recipe for Rebels Book Cover

Greg is now a bosom cyberchum of mine. We regularly correspond about film star recipes since he emailed me out of the blue, in February 2015 about a Sal Mineo recipe for mini pizzas… which I am pleased to say, made it into the book.  Ah, friendships being made via the power of film stars’ favourite recipes – I LOVE IT!

sal-mineo-eating-pizzaHere’s a link to the article which includes recipes from Natalie Wood, Julie Harris, Liz Taylor & Rock Hudson and James Dean himself (sort of!)

Eat Like the Stars: James Dean

Oh my, he was SUCH a dish…

James Dean

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