“Not all of us were working at the same time, but enough of us.
Hank Fonda knew how to cook rice.
We lived pretty much on a rice diet.”

On Friday Rosalind came over to the tub bringing her lovely new beau Jimmy Stewart. I thought I should cook him something by his namesake but couldn’t find anything amongst my heaving shelf of vintage cookbooks and 1940s film fan mags. I therefore resorted to the world wide interweb machine to source a recipe and stumbled upon Jimmy Stewart’s Chicken Breast Italiano. This could of course be any chef by the name of Jimmy Stewart or indeed just someone’s neighbour who is a dab hand in the kitchen, but I am sincerely hoping it is a personal recipe from the stove of “Zuzu’s Petals” Jimmy.

I rustled it up despite only having UHT cream from Mr Riverside and we ate it on the roof. To my mind it was pretty curdled but luckily it was eaten by candlelight and my two guests returned clean plates with compliments (they can come again).

On Sunday Rosalind was on a cleaning jag and not only cleaned but also reorganised all my kitchen cupboards and fridge putting “like with like”. Now of course I am engaged in a slapstick comedyesque opening and closing of a million cupboard doors in order to find what I am looking for but I DO love her for it.

The search begins for Henry Fonda’s rice recipe. Rice, water and salt I guess but maybe he had some kind of Fonda family secret ingredient…

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