It was almost dark when I got home from work this evening, so Spring, it definitely is not. Autumn seems to have descended upon London this week, and along with it a teenager-style attitude to cooking which effectively is this: “I can’t be bothered to cook when I get in”. We all feel like that sometimes right?

But there were some sugar snap peas in the fridge almost on the turn, plus some miniature carrots going rubbery so I forced myself into it.  Of course, once I got going, I went into golden-time, really enjoying myself and thoroughly enjoying my lovely healthy Jane Fonda dinner.  Why does the brain resist what is good for us?  I do not know.

I liked Jane’s method of cooking the sugar snap peas, carrots, shallots and fennel – basically sautéeing them in a little bit of hazelnut oil.  Tasty!  As Jane had suggested this would be a good accompaniment to her Salmon With Corn Sauce, that’s exactly what I had.  I’d frozen half the corn sauce when I made it last week along with the second of the salmon fillets.  I took them both out last night in a bit of forward planning Jane would have been proud of.

Here’s Jane’s version of the complete meal…

…and here’s my version…

So my stroppiness about having to cook tonight was totally misplaced.  It was so easy to pull this all together on a weeknight, and I felt like some kind of domestic goddess.  I even did all the washing-up before going to bed.

Top weeknight dinner, thanks Jane!

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