Have you ever left something important on a bus?  I once got all the way up to my fourth floor flat late on a very rainy evening, and realised the moment I closed the door that I’d left a 6 pack of cold beer on the bus.  Oof.  Tonight I realised the moment I stepped off the bus that I’d left something equally as crucial on there.  My dinner.  

As I cook so much, I very rarely get a takeaway, but I’d been for a swim after work and was FAMISHED.  I stopped at Archway and got myself a pitta bread with hummus and LOADS AND LOADS of salad.  I said: “yes please” to both the yoghurt and the chilli sauce.  The chef could barely get the lid of the polystyrene box closed there was so much red cabbage, sliced onions, cucumber, tomatoes and lettuce in there.  Man was I looking forward to that.

Instead I had to forage.  In my fridge.  Lest readers of this blog think I always eat like the Queen of Sheba, let me tell you what I had.

1 – a bit of potato, a few carrots and parsnip shreds left over from Sunday lunch warmed up in the oven with a bit of ketchup.

2 – a few tiny horseradish beetroot – well past their sell-by date.

3 – a bit of lettuce with some of Ralph Hertz’s legendary Thousand Island Dressing

4 – two slices of toast with cottage cheese and VEGIT 


What is this Vegit?  I hear you ask if you are in the UK.  Well, it’s the salt substitute Jane Fonda recommended in the Jane Fonda Workout Book and I subsequently paid an extortionate amount of money to get hold of on Ebay.  It is something I didn’t know existed before this month.  But I like it.  

The packaging reminds me of when I was young and used to help out at my dad’s nursery.  It reminds me of the packets plant food used to come in for some reason.  

Ha ha – I can’t find exactly the type of packaging I was looking for on the internet, but found this instead

That is, indeed, triffik.

And before you say it, British folk of a certain age, I will say it…


I’m sure that I read somewhere that Jane sprinkled Vegit on cottage cheese, but I can’t find the reference to it now…  Anyhow, that’s what I did and it was good!  

I almost forgot all about that hummus and salad going back and forth on the floor of the 134 bus between Tottenham Court Road and North Finchley all night long…

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