Janet Gaynor
Oh what joy, home in time for Desmond Carrington on R2 with nothing to do but listen in.

Got up early to get Janet’s cookies in the oven. I broke my own rule and made them with spreadable butter. Mistake. They weren’t all firm and crisp like they should be, but soft and chewy. Nice, but not as Janet would have wanted them. Still, my work chums gobbled them up in a flash, making appropriate noises and giving them double thumbs up.

Had a wonderful lunch with my mentor Hugh. As usual we laughed far too loudly, I had to calm down for fear of upsetting other people in the restaurant. The thing that really killed me was him recounting a story I had told him, with great embellishment. I don’t think I have ever experienced this before. He asked me how my Second Life adventures were going and when I said I hadn’t been on there for a while he was astonished. He said that last time we’d got together I told him all about dancing in the ballroom of the Titanic and an encounter with a sleazy man and a billiard table that was interrupted by a phone call from a Hawaiian. Well, he’d kind of got it right. What about the guy pole dancing in a Batman outfit though?!

It has reminded me that I did find it incredibly calming to wander around on my own in virtual reality and often ended up sitting under a fountain meditating. But it was a worse time waster than TV for a while there so I’d better not get back into it…

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